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Geni.Energy is a not-for-profit, company based in Narrabri and servicing northwest NSW.  It helps homes, farms and businesses to reduce their costs and emissions using renewable technologies.  It also creates new employment and investment opportunities in the region through full electrification, powered by renewables.  We seek social acceptance of new renewables projects working in partnership with commercial and non-profit sector developers.

Our board of directors (pictured here) give freely of their time to ensure there is extra accountability and transparency across Geni.Energy's operations as well as to help it be the best social enterprise it can be and provide the best services it can. 

Founded originally in 2019 by Sally Hunter and Rohan Boehm, Geni.Energy opened its main street shopfront in Narrabri in 2020.

We are growing a base of knowledge in the region and empowering locals to seek out solutions from full electrification powered by renewables.

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Our Values

Our Directors, volunteers and staff, agree to the values of the organisation and proactively work to implement these values in all decision making and engagement with others.


  1. Reducing Emissions – we reduce carbon emissions thereby reducing the negative climate impacts from these emissions.

  2. Building Community – we grow community through improving connectedness between people, increasing business opportunities for businesses and improving local capacity in the renewable energy industry.

  3. Full electrification – we fully electrify industry, business, home and farm with the knowledge that fully electrified solutions are cheaper, better and have less emissions when powered from renewable energy sources.

  4. No fossil fuels – we utilise the range of renewable energy sources so as to remove the need for fossil fuels.

  5. Creating a positive transition – we create ways for local families and businesses to remain in the region, in fulfilling and sustainable employment as fossil fuels are removed from our system.

  6. Learning and listening – we take up every opportunity to learn new skills and knowledge, from a range of sources on a daily basis.

7.   Respect – we proactively and consciously respect a variety of opinions, cultures, backgrounds, abilities, sexual orientation and gender, with the understanding that we never know what people are going through in their own situation.

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