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Sizes of Enopte batteries

Battery sizes are measured in kWh - kilowatt hours.  Below are some example sizes, however you can contact us for different combos.

enopte sizes.PNG
batt 2.png

Features of the Enopte battery:

- integrated solar + battery and metering system

- hybrid or off-grid solar power systems available

- suits residential and commercial properties

- stylish battery storage cabinet up to 15kWh, batteries larger than this is a different cabinet design

- Can supply up to 30kWh batteries (or more on inquiry)

- high quality dust, heat and water protection
- 8 kW Solar PV metering
- includes Energy Management Dashboard

- controls up to four household circuits

- suits three phase or single phase, AC or DC coupled system

- 5kW solar export capacity and 3.6kW maximum capacity to essential loads 
- optional diesel backup and 15 AMP plugin
- designed and manufactured on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

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