Solar + Batteries For Businesses

Save money today from installing solar + batteries and claim the tax incentives.

Keep the electricity running during blackouts and at night.

The Enopte battery is modular, allowing you to add more storage over time as the budget allows.  

We utilise local installers wherever possible and coordinate batches of installs.  This saves you money and makes your investment payback period even shorter!

The scenarios below indicate a cashflow positive step for your business, providing cost effective power over 10 years.

Speak to us today about how you can maximise your savings.

Price table.PNG

Tax incentives:


  • Businesses with aggregated annual turnover <$5bn can apply

  • Deduct the full cost of eligible capital assets acquired from 6 October 2020 and first used or installed by 30 Jun 2022

  • New depreciable assets and improvements to existing eligible assets

  • Businesses with turnover <$50m, full expensing also applies to second-hand assets

Find out more from the ATO here.