Community Engagement Services

Geni.Energy is a community driven initiative with deep links in the Northwest NSW region.  We provide the community-facing services for renewable energy project developments in the region.  This enhances the projects' social acceptance and demonstrates a clear support of local.

The services provided include:

  • stakeholder management group organisation and facilitation

  • regional network connection including with community organisations, Gomeroi Traditional Owners, local government and businesses etc

  • regional relationship building and maintenance

  • connectivity to local products and services to help meet the deliverables of projects whilst growing local businesses 

  • external stakeholder relationship building and maintenance including with universities, project development organisations and government agencies

  • ongoing communication and management

  • guidance on local community acceptability parameters

New renewable energy generation projects in the region are invited to integrate with the Northwest Renewable Energy Precinct to unleash the full benefits to both, the region and the project.

Talk to us today, about the community engagement elements of your proposed project.