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Enopte Batteries

Enopte batteries are manufactured on the Sunshine Coast in Qld by an Aussie company.

The fibreglass cabinet is not only attractive, it is perfect for our extreme climates with extremely high water and dust rated protection. It can be located under an eave, in a garage or laundry knowing it will take good care of your batteries. 

The Enopte battery comes with a state of the art Energy Management System.  This is the "brain" that allows you to see down to a circuit level, where your energy use is and change your power usage to save you money.

It is all accessible on an easy to use app, or set parameters and leave it to do the work of saving you money.

The brain also lets you prioritise the electric devices in your  house that you want to stay on even in a blackout!

This is also the smarts that let the Virtual Power Plant magic happen.

Ascot Grey Cabinet.JPG

Enopte's Energy Management System (EMS)


The Enopte battery is a stackable series of lithium batteries with a 10 year warranty.  Remote monitoring by Enopte means any problems are identified and instead of losing your whole battery, the offending battery can be easily removed and replaced.

The Enopte Power Station also includes an LXP Hybrid Inverter with a 10 year warranty.

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