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We love Enova Energy for all these reasons:

  • It's Australia's first community owned energy company

  • It is a not-for-profit

  • It is regionally based

Plus it's energy prices are competitive and it's feed-in tariff for your solar is comparable.

It is easy to switch to Enova Energy, and you will be supporting Geni.Energy at the same time.

It is easy to switch to Enova via Geni.Energy

Even if you call Enova Energy to make the switch, be sure you quote our code GENI50 to ensure you are supporting Geni.Energy

Compare your bill

Upload your recent residential or business electricity bill - please include all pages, and the Enova Energy team will analyse the key information to see how it compares.

Request a callback

If you would like to speak to an energy consultant from Enova Energy about their offering or to simply get a quote, please complete the form below.