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Expressions of Interest

Fimer, an Italian renewables company has donated Geni.Energy and the community of Narrabri an electric Vehicle charger.  Fimer have installed over 50,000 chargers world-wide and want to introduce their product to Australia. 

This call for Expressions of Interest invites you to submit a brief letter outlining a location that may meet the needs of the campaign.

Fimer is donating two EV chargers to community groups in Australia; one to Narrabri.  Geni.Energy is a local not-for-profit social enterprise that is helping to bring a range of renewable energy technologies to northwest NSW and Narrabri.  

This EV charger will help to attract tourists and professional workers who are travelling in electric vehicles and need to charge up.  By submitting the site to the "PlugShare" app it will ensure people know it's location.   The charger will also be useful for locals who are working in the main part of Narrabri and want to charge up during the day.


Location requirements:

  • Publicly accessible car parking spot

  • Three phase power

  • Preferably with solar panels or with a willingness to install solar panels

  • Wifi availability

  • Preferably in the town centre of Narrabri or on a tourist route

Our ideal partner on this project would:

  • be keen to share in publicity about the project, EV's and renewables

  • could be a social enterprise or community benefit business/organisation

  • allow Geni.Energy to erect a sign with the charger

  • consider sharing the installation costs of the charger

If you would like to express your interest in this opportunity please contact us before Friday 19th November, 2021.

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