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Grants for Electric Vehicles

The NSW Government’s EV Strategy sets out the ambition for the future of charging across the State, including encouraging the private sector to build and operate ultra-fast charging stations every 100km along all major NSW highways, every 5km along metropolitan commuter corridors and in areas with limited off-street parking. Below are grants that help achieve this.


To determine where charging stations should be placed, the NSW Government has published an EV Fast Charging Master Plan. This is an online map that showcases the current and indicative future network of public EV fast chargers in NSW, highlighting optimal zones for developing fast and ultra-fast EV charging stations across the state. The optimal zone placement in the Master Plan was developed using many data points including traffic flows, EV uptake, substation capacity, visitor nights, population densities and other metrics.

Electric Car Charger

The Prospectus encourages landowners and leaseholders interested in hosting fast charging stations to register their sites with us. Once registered, charge point operators may contact interested landowners directly about installing fast charging stations on those sites. Negotiations around the use of the site/s happen directly between the site owner and the charge point operator.

Charging an Electric Car

These grants are designed to address range anxiety by providing accessible, affordable charging at places of interest across the State. Under these Grants, 7kW and 22kW EV chargers are eligible for co-funding at regional NSW tourist destinations, providing EV drivers with a place to stop and “top up”. These chargers can provide up to 140km of range per hour and are cost-effective to install.  


Destination Charging Grants will be available to many tourist locations across NSW, including wineries, museums and key areas of interest. A second funding round will be opened in 2023.

Electric Car Charger

Fast-charging stations will be co-funded by the NSW Government through our EV Fast Charging Grants. These grants support private industry to build, own and operate charging stations across NSW. It is under this program that Tesla will be constructing a fast-charging station in Narrabri, which will be open to all electric vehicles. 

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