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Riverbend Estate Home of Five

This family have moderately high energy needs, with the pool pump and keeping a family of five comfortable.  Initially concerned with how solar on the roof would look, they are absolutely thrilled with their panels.  Rob and Alicia installed 8.9kW of solar and 12kWh of battery storage to keep their family going.

Narrabri Locals Love to Support Local

Pat loves to host her grand children at her Narrabri home.  She was thrilled to support a local initiative and is very happy with her new solar and batteries.  Pat also likes the App she has to keep an eye on her energy generation and use.  Pat installed 4.4kW of solar and 7.2kWh of battery storage.



Richard & Linden

Richard and Linden have solar on their workshop, using finance it was cash flow neutral from day one.  For their house needs have solar and a battery, slashing their energy bills and their reliance on the grid.  Now when their is a power outage, they keep operating.  All up they installed 15.5kW of solar and 7.2kWh of batteries.


Jo's battery + solar

Jo and Scott were keen to knock back their power bill.  In their situation, the network infrastructure was limited so they are unable to export any energy.  So along with their 6.6kW of solar they installed a 7.2kWh battery so they could use all of the solar energy they produced.

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