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I am taking the Pledge

Geni.Energy is a local, community-owned and run, non-profit company. Our vision is to bring  new jobs and investment to the Narrabri region and Northwest NSW using renewable energy.


To get this plan up and running, we need 100 Northwest families who own their own homes, to pledge to join us in our mission to create a Virtual Power Plant (VPP). A VPP aggregates excess power generated by homes and stored in your battery to be sold to your neighbours or businesses when and where it is needed most. 

Pat's Pledge

Learn more about the VPP here.

Taking the pledge means you’ll get advice over the next 12 months about how you can help create the VPP.

This will help you save money on your electricity bill and help the Northwest region reach energy independence.  Plus all profits will go straight back into our community. It's a win, win, win!

Will you take the pledge?

  • To install battery + solar at my home

  • Along with an Energy Management System 

  • To be a member of the Virtual Power Plant (VPP) once it’s switched on

I am one of 100 Northwest homeowners to sign this pledge to establish our Virtual Power Plant. This will help our Northwest Region to:

  • Reach 1mW of generation + storage of dispatchable electricity locally to allow us to switch on our Virtual Power Plant

  • Save <$14M that is currently exported from the region each year on paying our household power bills

  • Create profits to invest in local upskilling and real job creation projects


  • Save >8,700 tonnes of Greenhouse (CO2) emissions from coal fired power plants per year

Is signing the Pledge too much of a commitment for you right now?  

Why not become a Geni.Mate or volunteer instead?

Hunter Family Pledge

Hunter Family Pledge

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