Projects Completed


Walgett Aboriginal Medical Service

143kW solar

Scott and Jo Hamilton

6.6kW solar + 7.2kWh battery


Rob and Alicia Smith

8.0kW solar + 12kWh battery

Peter and Elaine Jensen

5kW solar + 7.2kWh battery

Located on a rural block, outside Narrabri this system needs to run bore water pumps and the house needs.

Pat Slack-Smith

4.4kW solar + 7.2kWh battery

Michael and Gina Bange

5kW solar + 4.8kWh battery

Linden and Richard Scilley

15.5kW solar + 7.2kWh battery


Kaputah Ford

52.8kW solar

Jen Carrigan

17.8 solar + 19.2kWh battery

Geoff and Sally Hunter

5kW solar + 7.2kWh battery


Dharriwaa Elders Group

8.9kW solar + 9.6kWh battery