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We are here to help you get the best result.  We want you to:

  • Install a system made up of good quality components

  • Undertaken by a properly qualified local installer

  • Be here to help you in the follow up


And most importantly, have a system that actually fulfills your needs.  This is a system that is suited exactly to your situation, tailor made for you and your family or business.  We want to help you reduce your costs, reduce your reliance on coal and gas for electricity as well as give you more energy independence.

To do this, we need to better get to know you.  So take the time to come in and sit down with us.  Bring your actual electricity bills so we can tailor a solution to your needs.  Tell us where your energy goes and what you would like to achieve.  

We want to hear your story.  So make a booking today to come into the Narrabri office or on Zoom.

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