Residential Solar + Battery

Packages Start from $12,010 (ex GST) for Solar + Battery

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Save money and invest in your future with a Solar + Battery system!

Below are three indicators of the value of installing Solar + Batteries for different levels of home usage. 

For the assumptions used, see below.

To find what Solar + Battery system suits your needs, book an Energy Assessment.

Small Energy Use Home (20kW/day average)

This system will be paid off in 7.4 years and save $32,000 over 15-years!

Moderate Energy Use Home (30kW/day average)

This system will be paid off in 6.2 years and save $51,000 over 15-years!

High Energy Use Home (45kW/day average)

This system will be paid off in 5.2 years and save $72,000 over 15-years!

Please Note:

1.  Prices and systems can vary greatly depending on individual systems, this is purely an indicative guide.  Talk to us for an actual quote.


2.  These price indicators are completely inclusive of installation costs, inverter costs, Energy Management System costs and STC rebates.

3.  These price indicators do not take into account any meter box upgrades needed, unusual roof types, special requests, ground mounted systems, trenching required etc. 

4.  The system is modular, allowing you to add more batteries over time as your budget allows.

5.  These price indicators assume batches of 5 or 10 are arranged at one time.

6.  These price indicators are exclusive of GST.

7.  Geni.Energy uses solar panels with 25 year warranty and batteries with a 10 year or 10,000 cycle warranty.

The following assumptions have been used for these broad cost indicators:

  • That the homes have no current solar panels

  • An electricity price of 25c and a 7% p.a. energy inflation rate

  • An export Feed In Tarif of 12c

  • Daily connection fee $1.55

  • Daytime energy component 50% of total usage

  • EMS savings of 10%

Book an Energy Assessment to find what Solar + Battery system suits your needs!

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