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Consultancy Services

Community Engagement and Social Licence to Operate

Geni.Energy is a community driven initiative with deep links in the Northwest NSW region.  We provide the community-facing services for renewable energy project developments in the region.  This enhances the projects' social acceptance and demonstrates a clear support of local.

The services provided include:

  • Stakeholder management group organisation and facilitation

  • Regional network connection including with community organisations, Gomeroi Traditional Owners, local government and businesses etc

  • Regional relationship building and maintenance

  • Connectivity to local products and services to help meet the deliverables of projects whilst growing local businesses 

  • External stakeholder relationship building and maintenance including with universities, project development organisations and government agencies

  • Ongoing communication and management

  • Guidance on local community acceptability parameters

Corporate, LGA & NFP Energy Use Assessments and Renewable Energy Action Plans

Geni.Energy is your partner in your energy journey.  We will work with your company or not-for-profit to drive down your emissions, reduce operating costs and improve your sustainability outcomes.

The services provided include:

  • Energy Assessments to identify current energy uses, existing solar PV performance, current costs and retail tariffs, data availability and gaps

  • Sustainability ambassador engagement, strategic planning and renewable energy action plans

  • Cost benefit analysis of renewable energy solutions

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