Let us tailor a solar + battery solution to suit your needs

Installing solar can save you 40%-60% off your electricity bills.

However, installing Solar + Batteries can save you 95% or even more off your electricity bill. 


Also batteries, along with solar give the following benefits:

  • Keep the lights on when there is a blackout.

  • Your excess solar, not used during the day can be stored for times when you are using electricity but the sun is not shining; night times, rainy days, solar eclipses.

  • Adds value to your current solar system.

  • Shift your load to when your solar is generating free electricity for you.

  • Put excess solar generation into your battery, instead of facing limits from the grid about how much electricity you can feed in.

  • Connect to our VPP (once established) to sell power to others.

  • Control what electrical devices are drawing when.

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