Enopte Starter Pack

Starter Pack 

6.6kW solar

4.8kWh battery

starting from $15,000 (ex GST)



  • Fully installed

  • Blackout protection

  • Enopte Cabinet - turnkey solution in a water, dust and temperature protected cabinet

  • Enmax (Energy Management System) - allows loads to be shifted/controlled and gives visibility of the system through the App

  • Good quality inverter with 10 year warranty

  • Good quality panels with 25 year warranty

  • Good quality battery modules with 10 year warranty (includes 2 x 2.4kWh modules)

  • VPP membership


  • GST

  • Suits small household, does not include large energy uses

  • Travel costs if not in Narrabri

  • Any site specific issues that add cost