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Geni.Energy's Own Street Library


Sisters Poppy and Francesca, constructed Narrabri's first Street Library, Book Maits on Maitland, now stationed outside Geni-Energy, at 1/129 Maitland Street and it is here to stay.


With no time frame limits, the Narrabri community may collect a book of their choice from the Street Library house that the sisters have built themselves. The idea is to replace that book with one you no longer need.  Poppy and Francesca encourage people to not only help themselves to a book, but to leave a book review on a slip of paper when they return or replace the book.

street library.jpg

Poppy says, “We wanted to share free books with the Narrabri community via an easily accessed community book exchange, since we don’t have a book shop here and the Rotary Book sale is only once a year. We have registered with Street Library Australia and it has been added to their map of Street Library locations”.


Francesca added, “I used recycled materials such as the door handle, in keeping with Street Library Australia’s policy of representing a sustainable future with recyclables.  Poppy then continued this theme on, painting the house with solar panels and a battery to store energy, and windmills on the side”.

Text adapted from The Courier, February 2020

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