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Northwest NSW deserves a renewable led future, where community is front and centre.


You can help achieve this by taking part in #SwitchForNarrabri.


When you switch your retail energy provider to Enova Energy, via Geni.Energy you are:

  • Directly supporting renewables for Narrabri - on your behalf, Enova Energy will provide $50 to Geni.Energy to help create a community-led renewable future

  • Supporting energy retailers to ditch fossil fuels - Enova Energy is leading the way towards sourcing 100% of its energy from renewables.  Already around 60% of its energy is sourced from its own customers' rooftop solar systems.


Please note, you need be based in NSW to be able to switch to Enova Energy, so tell your family and friends!  You can Switch online or over the phone and be sure to quote NARRARBI50 for Enova Energy to provide the direct support to Geni.Energy.