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Building a Virtual Power Plant, One House At a Time

What if our community owned a power plant?  What if, instead of a coal fired power plant, it was powered by renewables?  What if it wasn't just one large generator but a series of small generators all working together to provide stable energy to our neighbours?

That is what the Geni.Energy Virtual Power Plant is.  Hundreds of homes with rooftop solar and batteries, providing power to others in our community, when it is needed.

And not only that, the VPP will connect up other types of renewable generation in the region too, like solar and wind farms and bioenergy.

The VPP will link generators and storage of all sizes together to meet our local energy needs first.  Once that is achieved we can generate excess energy and create new jobs and investment opportunities for energy dependent businesses to be attracted to the region.

This is the Northwest Renewable Energy Precinct.

The Virtual Power Plant is a joint initiative of Enopte and UNSW ARC Research Hub for Integrated Energy Storage Solutions.


The Northwest Renewable Energy Precinct

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Northwest Renewable Energy Precincts Underpins a New Future

Geni.Energy is a social enterprise creating a prosperous future for regional communities by generating sustainable jobs and industry that is not reliant on weather conditions or agricultural viability.  Using the technology of a Virtual Power Plant (VPP), the benefits will be localised, democratised and maximised.  The VPP is an aggregator of renewable energy generators and storage devices from across the north west.  It delivers cheaper green energy to commercial and householder consumers. 

Who are the VPP Participants?

  • Consumers of energy who utilise the benefits from significant savings from behind-the-meter generation

  • Local generators of energy – wind, solar and thermal who can provide 24x7 energy security to contracted consumers

  • Extensive use of batteries providing full time security of energy provision and acting as a consumer of excess power from generators

  • Householders with solar and in some cases batteries will benefit from lower cost energy while their excess power can be sold to the VPP and they help their community

  • Local industrial hub projects that grow our rural and regional communities by access to cheap and abundant energy

Geni.Energy provides low-cost, clean and abundant renewable energy to rural and regional communities to kick-start and sustain our regional economy.

We’re all about generating new, long-term sustainable jobs in existing and new industries, driving a prosperous and resilient economy.

In 2018 the region’s renewable energy potential was independently scoped.  The study proved we could support 622MW of solar generation and 175MW of wind, with bioenergy and energy storage added into the mix.

97% of residents are known to be supportive of renewable energy industry for our region. Geni.Energy is responding.


Firstly, a broad base of solar and battery installations provides the platform for the Virtual Power Plant (VPP).  Rolling out a swarm of small scale solar and wind generators (up to 5mW) on farms and industries.

We have mapped two industrial precincts in the region that include hydrogen and ammonia plants as substitution fuels and fertilisers. These plants will be supported with a large-scale thermal energy precinct for futuristic value-adding industries.  They will promote and develop circular economy opportunities such as manufacturing solar and battery components and recycling of the components at end of life.  

Geni.Energy is a not-for-profit company based in Narrabri NSW. We are connected via our regional and national highways and railways. 

Our Northwest Regional Energy Precinct has five pillars:

  1. For local benefits, smaller scale beats mega scale - Globally, the trend is away from mega scale solar and wind farms. Geni.Energy is ahead of the trend using designs of smaller scale generators, with a maximum of 5mW - that’s big enough to be powerful; small enough to add massive amounts of local value.

  2. Behind the meter generation -  Narrabri has the highest average consumption of energy per business customer in NSW. Our behind-the-meter technology for business leads to immediate and big cost savings.  Our models cut costs of doing business, and that means better financial viability now, and forever.   

  3. Local ownership - Our job at Geni.Energy is to ensure the benefits of renewable energy are localised.  We fly the flag for local and lead the charge to ensure people capacity is built locally. We make sure jobs are created and maintained locally and raw inputs are made and supplied locally.  We also increase the community’s knowledge and trust in renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency.

  4. Aggregation and leading technology.  Through the use of technologies such as Virtual Power Plants (VPP) and embedded networks, we aggregate many energy consumers and generators and share the benefits equitably.  ​Our mix of technologies eliminate intermittency issues while providing steady baseload power.

  5. Sharing the benefits -  With cheaper, abundant and accessible renewable energy, we create new industry, new jobs and new opportunity. The profits derived from our involvement in the energy industry are directed into local projects that fulfil our mission. This includes energy efficiency advisory.


Our project partners are world leading with runs on the board to make this all happen here.


Narrabri is the ideal place in regional NSW for the Northwest Renewable Energy Precinct and we look forward to partnering with you to create our new future.

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