Walgett Community Renewables

Geni.Energy has commenced an exciting Community Renewable project in Walgett, far Northwest New South Wales. This project is a working partnership with Planet Ark Power which will deliver 143kW of solar on three buildings belonging to Walgett Aboriginal Medical Service.


This solar installation will be cashflow positive from the outset with a pay back period on average of 4 years for each building and close to $1,000,000 worth of cumulative savings just from electricty bills over 25 years. All the savings generated from this project will be put back into providing more services to the community instead of electricity bills.

In early 2021 this community project will be launched by Geni.Energy, Planet Ark Power and the Walgett Aborignal Medical Service. The image below illustrates the roof layout of the admin building and energy use before and after the solar installation.

With solar as an abundant and renewable zero emission resource, this project will be intergrated into the region-wide Virtual Power Plant, creating a Renewable Energy Precinct in the Northwest.

To learn more and become involved in this transition to renewables for Walgett, Geni.Energy will hold a public community breifing, to be announced in early 2021, which will initaite disscussions about zerocarbon emissions for the Northwest! 

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