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Energy + Site Assessment

Our Energy Assessments and Site Assessments are the foundation of our renewable energy solutions. We understand the importance of accurate data in making informed decisions about your energy use, which is why we attend to each step of the assessment process personally. With our assessments, you can rest assured that the options presented to you are based on reality and tailored to your requirements.

Energy Assessment

This is the very first step on your renewable journey.  It involves a deep dive on your electricity bills to identify what you current usage is and any trends that might help you work out your best renewable solution.

Site Assessment

By undertaking a real-life, in-person site assessment we can identify ahead of time any potential issues for your solar and battery install.  That way, there are no rude shocks when it comes installation day!

We recommend using this solar calculator designed by UNSW to identity what sized solar system suits your individual situation

solar panels in a sunset

Do Your Own Calculations

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