Invest in local

Solar + Batteries

Geni.Energy partners with you on your energy journey! 

Let's reduce the region's energy use and create more of it from renewable energy sources, reducing our carbon emissions and creating a greener future!

Let us help you:

  • Save money on your power bills

  • Keep the lights on in a blackout

  • Generate and store free energy from the sun

  • ​Access the right technology to make life easier

We are a non-profit, here to help the community

Stay up to date and learn more about Solar + Batteries

Tell us your views on renewables for NorthWest NSW

Generate your own energy and savings for your home, farm or business

Switch energy retailers to Enova Energy, support us and get competitive prices

Profits from Geni.Energy will be ploughed back into local projects to build new skills and new businesses so the north west is sustainable and resilient into the future.

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Geni.Energy is on Gamilaroi/Gomeroi country and we pay our respects to the Traditional Custodians of this land and waterways.

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