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Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Yesterday I emailed our Geni.Energy supporters asking them if they would nominate us for the Narrabri Chamber of Commerce Business Awards.

We received a few texts and phone calls from people who were angry that we would be accepting support from fossil fuel companies.

This raises a really interesting question for us all and I have tried to put down here, my perspective. Please use this as a conversation starter as none of us know what is right in these moral dilemmas of our time.

This topic of using sponsorship to essential secure social licence is not unique to Narrabri. Across Australia fossil fuel sponsorship of events, teams and even science and education bodies is highly pervasive with estimates of over 500 deals.

Here in Narrabri, we are lucky to be able to turn around without running into a sponsorship arrangement, nearly everything is sponsored by fossil fuel companies that include renaming of teams and events and heavy branding and merchandising of everything - you just cannot get away from it.

Geni.Energy was lucky enough to be able to sponsor the Narrabri Junior Rugby Club for the last two years and some small sports events.

However, we simply do not have the budget to sponsor more events, such as the Business Awards.

If you have ideas how we could raise enough funds to propose that we sponsor the Business Awards, please contact us!

The Awards are the Narrabri Chamber of Commerce Business Awards and last year we won runners-up of best New Business and it was sponsored by Whitehaven. There is no prize money – simply a trophy.

Geni.Energy’s values are to take whatever action we can to reduce carbon emissions and minimise global warming and to support an alternative future to fossil fuels.

We suggested that our supporters nominate us for the Chamber of Commerce Business Awards for these three reasons:

1. As a business imperative – we undertake solar and battery installations as way of creating a revenue stream, which keeps our doors open and keeps us operating. Having exposure from winning an Award helps that.

2. We thought Santos having to sift through a couple hundred nominations for Geni.Energy, with people saying why we are doing a great job, would be highly satisfying!

3. By not participating, what are we showing? Just that we can't compete, we aren't visible, we aren't there? Is that helpful?

We also encourage you to engage further with us about this, as we are all learning!

Thanks for your continued support!

If you would still like to nominate us, please fill out this form and submit it by 5th August.

Nomination Form_2023 (2)
Download PDF • 349KB

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