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How Can Batteries + Solar Help You?

Nearly half of all Narrabri residents already have solar on the roof of their home. That is one of the highest uptakes in Australia. But we often hear people say that they just don't get the benefits they thought they would get from solar alone.

We have found that homes with batteries, combined with their rooftop solar can save up to 95% off their electricity costs. For a moderate sized home with a family of four, the payback period for batteries is often 4 or 5 years.

You can contact us at Geni.Energy to get a quote tailored to exactly your situation.

There are a few reasons why combining Batteries with your rooftop solar is a winner. You can:

  • Keep the lights on when there is a blackout.

  • Your excess solar, not used during the day can be stored for times when you are using electricity but the sun is not shining; night times, rainy days, solar eclipses!

  • Shift your load to when your solar is generating free electricity for you.

  • Put excess solar generation into your battery, instead of facing limits from the grid about how much electricity you can feed in.

  • Connect to our VPP (once established) to sell power to others.

  • Control what electrical devices are drawing from, when.

But most importantly, it can save you money.

Homes that already have rooftop solar could be producing more than they need in the middle of the day. That electricity is currently being pumped back in to the grid at around one third of the price that you are paying to buy it back in the evening. Often there is too much electricity being generated by solar in the middle of the day and homes can have their electricity blocked from going on to the grid. So if you are not at home using it, it is a complete waste of time, money and sunlight.

With a battery, that wasted energy would be going to charge up your battery ready for your use in the evening when the family gets home from their day. This means you won't be paying top dollar to buy electricity during the peak demand time in the evening.

Contact us today to find out how much you would save off your bill by installing batteries in your home.

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