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Summary of NSW Electric Vehicle Grants

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Like all grants, the devil is in the detail. Recently the NSW government announced its NSW Electric Vehicle (EV) Strategy which you can read here. The aim is to make NSW the easiest place to buy and use an EV in Australia. It includes incentives to help people purchase EVs, which recently helped shave $6,000 off our personal EV purchase price which you can read about here. And check out our blog about our purchase decision.

In order to be able to travel around NSW without range anxiety, we need a rapid proliferation of EV Charging Stations, as common as fuel stations.

While you can charge an EV at absolutely ANY power point, it is just a matter of how slow or fast you want the charging to be completed.

The latest offering from the NSW government are EV Charging Station grants. The information is from May 2022 but is still relevant until 2024.

This blog is a quick summary of the key features of the grants to help people make the first choice as to whether or not they may be eligible to apply.

Round 2 Application Grants may be available mid 2023.

There are usually two types of grants: Destination Charging Grants and Fast Charging Grants (both from Round 1 are currently closed).

Below is a quick summary of some of the key points of the Destination Charging Grants but all the details can be found here:

  • you can apply for up to 75% of the cost of charging stations

  • you must use 7 kW and/or 22 kW electric vehicle charger(s)

  • you can apply for up to 75% towards the cost of installation (capped at $1,000 per charger)

  • you can apply for up to 50% towards a 2-year EV charger software subscription from the EV charger software list.

  • LGAs in our region are listed in the eligible LGA list

  • bear in mind your LGA development application requirements - no consent is required if you already have a private car park to install them in

  • Eligible Destinations are: accommodation, attractions, caravan camping and holiday parks, food and drink destinations and Information Centres

  • you will need a quote

Geni.Energy has started to develop partnerships with EV Charging Station companies and our installing company is growing its experience, so we can assist with the quote to accompany your application.

Geni.Energy won a 22kW EV Charging Station from world leader, Fimer for the Narrabri community. It has now been installed at 65A Barwan St, and is now open. Please see details on the Plugshare App.

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