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Committed to best practice

Australia’s Clean Energy Council (CEC) released guidelines for the sustainable roll-out of renewable energy projects in 2018.

We support this important initiative and we commit to honouring the Clean Energy Council’s Best Practice Charter in our renewable energy developments and associated transmission infrastructure:

1. We will engage respectfully with the local community, including Traditional Owners of the land, to seek their views and input before finalising the design of the project and submitting a development application.

2. We will provide timely information, and be accessible and responsive in addressing the local community’s feedback and concerns throughout the lifetime of the development.

3. We will be sensitive to areas of high biodiversity, cultural and landscape value in the design and operation of projects.

4. We will minimise the impacts on highly productive agricultural land where feasible, and explore opportunities to integrate continued agricultural production into the project.

5. We will consult the community on the potential visual, noise, traffic and other impacts of the development, and on the mitigation options where relevant.

6. We will support the local economy by providing local employment and procurement opportunities wherever possible.

7. We will offer communities the opportunity to share in the benefits of the development, and consult them on the options available, including the relevant governance arrangements.

8. We commit to using the development to support educational and tourism opportunities where appropriate.

9. We will demonstrate responsible land stewardship over the life of the development and welcome opportunities to enhance the ecological and cultural value of the land.

10. At the end of the project’s design or permitted life we will engage with the community on plans for the responsible decommissioning, or refurbishment/re-powering of the site.

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