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Creating zero carbon communities through council collaboration

Collectively, local government councils across Australia can reduce emissions through incorporating sustainability criteria into planning and budgets, thus having a significant impact on carbon reduction goals at a state and international level. Such carbon reduction goals under the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement include keeping warming below 2 degrees and is also incorporated in the UN Sustainable Development Goal (DSG) #13. Whilst Australia is a signing country, our reduction target of 26-28% below 2005 levels by 2030 is not adequate enough to meet this agreement.

The government recently announced the Renewable Energy Zones (REZ), however the Narrabri region is not included - this is where Geni.Energy comes in!

This blog is based on the 'Local Government Climate Emergency Toolkit' which we strongly reccommend for you to collaborate with your council on climate action. The toolkit features the decision makers in local government, key documents that can influence change, and recommendations to take action.

These young people are advoating for 'Renewables for the Northwest'. This initiative was Francesca's, a Geni.Energy team member, to encourage politicians and governments to invest in renewables for our region through showing the strong support for them. Overtime, more messages from primarily young people will be written and this banner will be delivered to Mark Coulton the Federal Member for the Parks electorate - governing the majority of Northwest and Central NSW.

As well our Federal Member, the local Narrabri Council has a major influence on where money is invested. Currently, the Narrabri Council has strong support for fossil fuel projects such as the controversial Narrabri Gas Project which they claim will bring 200 jobs to the town. However, our region has a much larger capacity for renewables and can be achieved with local initiatives such as Geni.Energy.

Community members can address these reduction targets by voting and engaging in conversations. Here is our top recommendation for actions on energy, from the 2020 IGCET Toolkit, for council actions to address the climate emergency and how Geni.Energy can help!

Energy actions: commit to lead and facilitate a 100% renewable energy power purchase, microgrid, Virtual Power Plant (VPP) for >5% of residents (about 300 residents).

Geni.Energy is able to deliver all of these energy actions with our VPP to begin in late March. Pledge to become 1 of 100 residents within our VPP - many have already taken the Pledge and invested in Solar + Battery for their homes. Help us in achiving this, Pledge here and book an Energy Assessment to find the best Solar + Battery for you!

You can also encourage your council to pledge in the Cities Power Partnership for action on climate change. Already 140 local government areas have joined - yours can too!

For more information contact IGCET was developed by Dale Martin, ex-councillor in the City of Moreland Victoria.

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