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New team member!

Hi there, I’m Francesca!

At the (possibly too old) age of 18 I started my first job and officially joined the Geni.Energy family as a shop front assistant organising and chatting to customers. With just finishing the HSC, I never would have thought I would be so lucky to be given such an amazing job about something that I am already so passionate about!

Geni.Energy’s vision as a not-for-profit community initiative to deliver a renewable energy hub in the Northwest is one which really excites me. As a young regional person, I have strong concerns for the climate crisis that my generation and many to come will be forced to deal with. Climate change has caused downfall across the world and is threatening our region as a major food bowl, agricultural research hub as well as the culture of local Gomeroi People. I have lost some faith in our federal government in taking timely action on this crisis. Geni.Energy is one initiative taking action and it gives me hope for a more prosperous future for communities like Narrabri which is threatened by numerous fossil fuel projects.

My involvement in renewables began a few years ago when I was only 15 and joined the Australian Youth Climate Coalition. Since then I have joined the School Strike for Climate movement where I’ve had the privilege to work on youth-led campaigns focused on providing a sustainable future. And only last year I became a co-founder with other international students of a social impact project, Tonle Clean, in Cambodia generating biogas as a renewable energy source.

There is an increasing stigma that students involved in actions such as School Strike For Climate will have less employment opportunities due to their reputation in activism. However this just isn't true as the networks you create are so vast that I can guarantee every individual you meet will only inspire and introduce you to more opportunities! The renewables industry is one of the fastest growing with a diverse range of jobs available to suit everyone across the nation! With improved technologies, infrastructure, community connections and motivated groups such as Geni.Energy, we have a bright future in this industry - brighter than the solar radiation to fuel your solar panels ;)

With our future being threatened socially, politically, economically and environmentally, we must undergo systematic change involving everyone - as we are all part of the solution and the cause. Success is fostered upon passion and motivation for something you love. And with that you can do anything!

Cheers, Francesca

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