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Triple Whammy Today

It's an exciting day today in the renewables space and we wanted to share a quick overview of some of the developments.

Firstly Geni.Energy has launched it's #SwitchForRenewables campaign that offers a chance for NSW electricity consumers to switch in support of a renewable led future for Narrabri and the Northwest. Check out how you can switch your retail energy provider to Enova Energy through Geni.Energy. On your behalf Enova Energy will provide $50 to Geni.Energy to support our mission to bring more renewables to the Northwest.

The second big piece of news today was the announcement by NSW Minister for the Environment and Energy, Matt Kean announcing huge NSW support for renewables through the Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap.

This roadmap could well include support for renewables in Northwest NSW. Our neighbours to both the north and south for our region have been earmarked for Renewable Energy Zones. But here at Geni.Energy, we reckon there are very good reasons for a Northwest Renewable Energy Precinct and that is exactly what we are working towards.

Much of the planning on Renewable Energy Zones, and a very large portion of the likely expenditure is around increasing the size of the electricity transmission lines. Geni.Energy's Precinct dosn't require these expensive outlays. Transmission lines were designed to take large amounts of electricity from central power stations, out to customers. For this reason the Narrabri Shire sees around $74M per year sent outside the region to pay energy companies. The Northwest Regional Energy Precinct will actually supply locally generated electricity to local energy users, using the existing electricity infrastructure.

The third interesting announcement today was Federal MP Zali Steggal's Climate Act Now. You can sign the petition to support her bill being introduced to federal parliament today. These kind of activities will help to further stimulate renewables in our rural communities and offer more opportunities to locals as we undertake these transitions.

So a triple whammy today! If you are not yet a Geni.Mate please sign up today to stay abreast of these exciting developments.

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