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Enova proudly partnering with Narrabri not-for-profit Geni.Energy

A community-owned renewable energy hub unveiled this week, by the new not-for-profit energy company Geni.Energy in Narrabri, will spearhead energy self-sufficiency and resilience in the Northwest Region of NSW.

Geni.Energy has established the hub as a physical shop front to provide locals with the options they need to start generating and storing their own renewable energy, and to get involved in local community-owned energy initiatives. Enova is proud to be a partner in this crucial development, in the heartland of New South Wales' latest battle against coal seam gas.

Community members can now visit the Geni.Energy shop, at 1/129 Maitland St, Narrabri, and find out how to reduce their energy bills, switch to an ethical energy retailer and learn about renewables technology like solar and batteries.

The launch was live streamed to Facebook by Narrabri young people, Hugh Hunter and Francesca Smith and you can see it here (

Geni.Energy has big plans for the renewable energy transformation of the Northwest: a virtual power plant, transition to renewable energy away from fossil fuels, community roof top solar and home solar and battery packages to name a few. They’re focussed on local renewable energy generation, storage and sharing of energy.

Distinguished guests Charles Tym, John Clements Representing MP Roy Butler, Narrabri Shire Councillor Ron Campey. 

Geni.Energy Director Rohan Boehm said, “The first objective for our not-for-profit organisation is to provide an independent venue for people wanting to unlock the real potential for renewable energy such as calculating the benefits of solar and battery installations.”  

Geni.Energy is partnering with many of Australia’s leading renewable energy technology brands and energy efficiency product manufacturers for homes and businesses, as well as community-owned energy retailer, Enova Energy.

“Like Enova, Geni.Energy’s profits will also be directed to regional community building and job creation initiatives”, said Mr Boehm.

Enova is Geni.Energy's chosen retail partner!

Enova Energy is encouraging people to switch through Geni.Energy to Enova’s solar or non-solar home or business energy offers.

For everyone who switches, Enova will donate $50 to Geni.Energy’s not-for-profit community energy initiatives. Quote the PromoCode GENI50.

Anyone in the Northwest region - in fact anyone in NSW! - can now switch their energy away from fossil fuels through Geni.Energy and know that they’re opting for Enova’s ethical energy while at the same time directly supporting Geni.Energy's important local community energy initiatives.

Geni.Energy proudly partnering with Enova Energy.

There is a strong intention amongst the Narrabri community to move away from fossil fuels and create a different, sustainable and resilient future. As these funds build up, they’ll be invested into local renewable energy initiatives by Geni.Energy.

Enova CEO Felicity Stening said, “This partnership brings to life Enova’s vision for regional and local renewable energy self-sufficiency – community-owned generation, storage and sharing that keeps energy money circulating locally and creates local jobs.

“Working with Geni.Energy is all about supporting locals to build their resilience and it’s exactly why Enova was started in the first place.

“We do not believe there is need for new gas projects in this region, or in Australia, when partnerships and communities can generate, store and share their own renewable energy in homes, businesses and neighbourhoods,” she said.

The first Geni.Energy customers for Harbour ISP, Narrabri locals, the Murphy family.

Regional NBN specialist, Harbour ISP, is also a supporter of Geni.Energy. The Mudgee-based company is providing specialised regional Internet services through Geni.Energy.

People and businesses with questions on electricity prices and an interest in negotiating a better deal for solar feed-in tariffs will be able to have their electricity bills analysed to calculate of the best mix of solar panels and batteries, together with finance options in the store.

“For many energy users, especially those with big energy bills, batteries are now proving to be an important part of extracting better long-term benefits from their solar installations. With this year’s drop in feed-in tariffs, many are finding that storing energy rather than exporting it, is making greater sense now”, Mr Boehm said.

To support Geni.Energy and Narrabri's push to create a local renewable energy future, switch here. Enova will donate $50 to Geni.Energy for every new sign-up! Quote GENI50.

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