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First five installations for the VPP!

This week was a massive step in our journey toward People Powering People and switching on the Virtual Power Plant (VPP). Our first five homeowners pledged to become 1 of 100 locals to take part in the Geni.Energy community renewables pledge.

We are grateful to Beaumont Electrical and Enopte (pictured below) who travelled from the Sunshine Coast to complete our five Solar + Battery installations. Energy generated from these homes, when connected to the VPP sharing platform, will provide power to others when and where it is needed most. The addition of a battery to your solar saves you money whilst keeping the lights on during a power outage... and there have been lots of those lately.

The Enopte battery is made on the Sunshine coast in Queensland delivering maximum battery life in the harsh Australian conditions. With a 10 year warranty, and expected to last longer, this system will provide generous savings for your family. The payback period we saw with these five systems were as short as four years in some situations. The battery is equipped with the newest Aussie technology of the Energy Management System (EMS) meaning each homeowner can closely monitor their energy consumption and production at circuit level via their phone app or PC.

With a mission for a Renewable Energy Precinct in the Northwest of NSW, this marks a milestone in our journey to energy independence. If you already have solar, or are thinking about Solar + Battery, come speak with us about how you can pledge to be 1 of 100 local homeowners in the VPP!

Become a Geni.Mate today here to stay up-to-date!

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